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Taskforce Meeting Agenda

May 7, 2019 Agenda
Cathedral City Library

Goals for today’s meeting:
1. Identify if the Task Force members are interested in assuming full leadership of the Sister Cities program;

The Sister Cities program was designed to be a Task Force lead committee. Under Fire Chief Paul Wilson and Stone James’s leadership, the following has been accomplished:

  1. Organized and executed a planning retreat, run by a local strategic planning and leadership professional, to identify the task force’s vision, mission, and goals;
  2. Identified and agreed upon core focus areas of the Task Force. These focus areas are;
    1. Tourism & Economic Development;
    2. Educational and Cultural Exchanges; and
    3. Humanitarian work.
  3. Joined Sister Cities International;
  4. Raised $1,200.00 from private donors,
  5. Secured $10,000 in seed-capital from the City Council,
  6. Created an operational and informative website,
  7. Took an orienting trip to Tequila, and established relationships with Tequila’s new Mayor, and Council.
  8. Identified Councilmember Adrian Salina Mora as a responsive (and bilingual) representative and partner within Tequila.
  9. Provided humanitarian aid:
    1. Personal donations of new and like-new medical and rescue equipment from Stone James to Tequila FD;
    2. Pending donation of fire safety equipment from Cathedral City FD;
    3. Pending donation of police safety equipment from the PD, private police safety equipment manufacturers, and plans to provide law enforcement safety and tactics training to Tequila police department members;
  10. Identified the following steps to be taken for the program to continue:
    1. Increase the number of Cathedral City residents and businesses affiliated with, and working on behalf of the task force;
    2. Explore Cathedral City High School student and Choir exchange programs;
    3. Identify other countries/cities which are more economically similar to Cathedral City which would allow the task force and City the opportunity to build a mutually beneficial relationship;
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